Robert Melin

… was born in Linköping the 12th of December 1963. Started drawing before he could walk or talk, and at the age of 14  he was convinced he was going to be an artist. In 1982  he moved to Stockholm and continued to study the Fine Arts. Instead of doing his military service he went to Andalucia and saw the light. Spain inspired him a lot and Malaga will always be his second home. He moved back to Stockholm in 1986, exhibited in restaurants and worked as a chef. After a trip to Asia in 1992 he started up a sushi bar called Sushi Akuten. Hard work, some success, more hard work. 6 years later he had had enough and sold his share. Went back to Thailand, where he met his South African love Sandee. They later traveled to Mexico, Spain, South Africa, Greece, USA. Now back home, busy painting, being a father of two wonderful boys and running a catering company with his wife.