Robert Melin

I was born in Linköping the 12th of December 1963. Started drawing before I could walk or talk, and at the age of 14 I knew I was going to be an artist. 1982 I moved to Stockholm and continued to study the Fine Arts. Then I went to Andalucia and saw the light. Spain inspired me a lot and Malaga will always be my second home. I moved back to Stockholm in 1986, exhibited in restaurants and worked as a chef. After a trip to Asia in 1992 I started up a sushibar called Sushi Akuten. Hard work, some success, more hard work. 6 years later I had enough and sold my share. Went back to Thailand, where I met my South African love Sandee. We later travelled to Mexico, Spain, South Africa, Greece, USA. Now back home, busy painting, being a father of two wonderful boys and running a catering company with my wife.