The Painting Chef

The Painting Chef

Sometime around Easter 2018 I got my inspiration back. Don't know what made it happen, just grateful that it did. 

Now, my paintings are hanging at Scandic Malmen Hotel for 4 months. This exhibition means a lot to me. 
It feels like a comeback and I am very excited!

At a younger age I was convinced I was an artist and that I was going to become famous. Yes, I was so full of myself. Young and cocky. The sun shining out of my backside. 

Then life came inbetween, slowly but surely I grew up and eventually came to realise that there are more important things than fame and glory. I started early to work as a chef and i have always loved to cook.

Cooking and painting has a lot in common. They are both creative things that can be very fulfilling. 
On this site you can follow my work. Some of the paintings are finished, some are work in progress, but they are all fresh, all painted from April 2018 and forward.