… was born in Linköping the 12th of December 1963. Started drawing before he could walk or talk, and at the age of 14  he was convinced he was going to be an artist. In 1982  he moved to Stockholm and continued to study the Fine Arts. Instead of doing his military service he went to Andalucia and saw the light. Spain inspired him a lot and Malaga will always be his second home. He moved back to Stockholm in 1986, exhibited in restaurants and worked as a chef. After a trip to Asia in 1992 he started up a sushi bar called Sushi Akuten. Hard work, some success, more hard work. 6 years later he had had enough and sold his share. Went back to Thailand, where he met his South African love Sandee.

Art schools:

Lunnevads Folkhögskola, 1981-82 

Gerleborgsskolan, Sthlm 1982-84

 Taller de Grafico, Havanna, Kuba 1997

Represented in Mexico


Arbis, Linköping 1984
Club Cameleont, Sthlm 1984 Söderhallen, Sthlm 1986
Westermans Hörna, Sthlm 1986 Café2Noll, Sthlm 1987
Galleri God Konst, Linköping 1987 Restaurang Hedwig, Sthlm 1987 Vadstena Konstgalleri 1988
Uppsala Stadsteater 1989
Restaurang Riche, Sthlm 1990 - 91 Enkehuset, Sthlm 1991
Galleri Lorentzon, Sthlm 1994
David Bagare, Sthlm 1996
Galleri 1814 Unique, Norge 1997 Väsby Konshall, Sthlm 1997
Den Andalusiska Hunden, Sthlm 1998 Spy Bar, Sthlm 1998
Smart Juice Bar, Sthlm 1998 Restaurang Lundberg, Sthlm 1998 Hannas K, Sthlm 1999
4 Knop, Sthlm 1999
Spy Bar, Sthlm 1999
Café Vatten / HOUSE, Sthlm 1999-2000

Cosmonova , Naturhist. riksmuseet, Sthlm 1999-2000 Linköping Jazz Festival, Linköping 2000
Galleri Lorentzon, Gotland 2000
Galeria Arte Moderno, Guadalajara, Mexico 2000 Galeria Pilar de la Garza, Mont. Mexico 2000

Galeria Irma Valerio, Zacatecas, Mexico 2000 Pal. De Gobierno, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 2000 Galeria Tapor, Guadalajara, Mexico 2000 Mosebacke Etablissement, Sthlm 2000
Selart Gallery, Sthlm 2000
Café Vatten / HOUSE, Sthlm 2000-01 Linköping Jazz Festival, Linköping 2001 Tallmogården Spa, Ludvika 2001
Musslan, Sthlm 2001
Herninge Art Fair, Denmark 2002
Viita's Café, Sthlm 2002
Restaurang Eyubi, Sthlm 2002
Tibble Kyrka, Täby 2002
Sirap, Sthlm 2003
Wedholms Fisk, Sthlm 2003
Spy Bar, Sthlm 2004
Min syster & jag, sthlm 2004
LOA, My Juju, Sthlm 2004-2005
Tvålpalatset, Sthlm 2013
Scandic Malmen, Sthlm 2019